Conveniently located halfway between the Monterey Bay and San Francisco, the area offers wine tasting and a number of coastal activities such as exploring the beaches, but also boasts redwood trees as high as 350 feet tall.  Where to start?


Start here!  How do I get to Boulder Creek?

Oh, let us count the ways!  The real question is:  "What type of scenery and driving do you prefer?"  The scenic way?  Do you just want to get here quickly so you can forget the world?   

In the age of electronic mapping, you can decide!  Below are approximate times to important locals in the near vicinity:

San Francisco Airport: 1 hr 10 min

San Jose International Airport:  45 min

Los Gatos/ Saratoga/ Santa Cruz:  25 min.

San Francisco:  1 hr 15 min.

Monterey Bay Aquarium:  1 hr 15 min.