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Built in 1895 and owned by two prominent figures of Boulder Creek (Stagg then Hartman), the Hartman House was well known for its frequent social gatherings.  Phil Hartman helped to build the city of Capitola by the Sea, established the Boulder Creek Fire Department in 1931 and was the town constable from 1919-1954.  

The Historic Hartman House
The Historic Hartman House

Featured Property
Featured Property

The Historic Hartman House
The Historic Hartman House


We continue to provide a home where people gather, celebrate, and relax.


Today, the Hartman House has chosen a new steward.  In 2004, Tamara O'Kelly of EarthArch Design, began lovingly restoring the main home, guest cottages, barn and grounds to offer a place for guests to call home while they explore the region or simply unwind.   

The Hartman House Inn includes formal gardens as well as a beautiful micro-farm where you can enjoy harvesting your own organic fruits and vegetables.  In 2015, we replanted a large portion of our orchard with multigraph heirloom fruit trees so that our guests can enjoy picking fruit for a longer season!  Tamara has a background in biological science with a previous vocation as a Veterinary Nurse and later graduated from the UC Berkeley Landscape Architecture program.  She has a passion for sustainability and preservation and is always happy to share her knowledge as well as learn from others.


Fruit trees that are ready now (if you can beat the squirrels to it, you can pick it):


Multi-graph Apricot

Multi-graph Cherry

Meyer Lemon

Washington Navel Orange

Isabella Grape

Comice Pear

Bartlette Pear

Veggies in season




Fruit trees planted in 2015 (ready in 2016):

Pluot (3)

Plum (3)



Peach (3)

Asian Pear (4)


Pineapple Guava

Is that the delicious scent of homemade caramel?


The Hartman family was well known for its candy making parties.  Not surprisingly, Tamara makes a decadent French Salted Caramel for her guests, continuing the Hartman tradition.  Our caramels are now being shipped all over the world, delighting tastebuds everywhere!  See the full story at www.HartmansConfections.com